Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Catch-Up Friday, Part 2.

To say that the garden is neglected this year would be a gross understatement.  With the babies and whatnot, puh-leeze!  The garden's suffering started last year when I found out I was pregnant.  Once the nausea set in, I didn't have the time or the energy to do anything.  Then the weather turned bad and I was unable to save my bulbs from the pots before they froze.  :(  Thankfully, perennials are like good friends; no matter how rough things get, they are always there to brighten your day. 

By the end of April, I had a few spring bulbs flowering, including some jonquils.

Jonquil macro
Yellow jonquil covered in pollen
On Mother's Day, my family bought me two hanging baskets of fuchsias.

Fuschia Buds
Dewy Fuchsias
But, the yard as a whole needed a LOT of TLC.

The Garden Needs a Little Work...
Froggy Mama is lost in the weeds [in more ways than one :( ]
It was wonderful to welcome some new additions that my Mom had sent home with us the summer before.

Dwarf Iris
Dwarf Iris
Sweet Violets
Sweet Violets
I love peonies... always have. I love the look, I love the smell. I was very pleased to see that the peonies that I had planted last year came back and bloomed. I have a lovely ruffly pink one that has the classic scent, and a scentless white one. Both are magnificent. I hope to add more as time goes on.

Peony Macro
Pink ruffly peony
White Peony
White ruffled peony
The rosebush has really come back after last year's disaster. The flowers this year vary from the very bright, almost fuschia pink of years past, to a pale pastel.

Pale rosebud
The weigela did very well this spring, although I recently had to give it a [very bad] haircut as it was growing all over the little garden.  I have to get a hedge trimmer to take care of it, along with the dogwood and a few other things.

Weigela Bloom Macro
Just in time for Canada Day, my yellow daylilies bloomed. I love daylilies... you don't have to do much to them and they are immune to the red lily beetle that plagues/destroys my Asian lilies.

Yellow Daylily
Yellow Daylilies
I've planted a small vegetable garden this year:  peppers, two kinds of tomatoes, carrots, peas and cucumbers.  I bought most of the plants (except for the carrots and the peas) and just stuck them in the garden.  I remember to water it occasionally.  :S  That is about the best I can do this year...  I'll post pics of that as I get them.  I also have a pot of calla lilies that is just about to bloom and a few more things that should delight the eye in the weeks to come.

By next year I should be back in gardening mode.  But, for now, I'll enjoy my few ventures outside to wiggle my toes in the [overgrown] grass.  I'm sure there will be something new and pretty to look at.

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