Monday, June 8, 2009

June Blooms II

In our adventures yesterday, Quinn and I found a few more pretty things to look at.

I finally captured some of my red fuchia buds... they look like tiny paper lanterns. My pot of them is doing well behind the gazebo.

Little Lanterns

We found a lilac bush on the way home from the park. I have been trying to get a decent macro of lilacs for years. Of course, it was a bit windy... why do I always try to get macros when it's windy?

Lilac Macro

My roses are finally blooming. I'm not sure if it was the much needed shot of warm weather, or the boost of Miracle Grow I gave them the other day. Alas, they will remain a treat for the eye as they do not have any smell at all.

Pink Rose

More on our adventures later... and an explanation of "The Tookie Fairy". It was a big weekend around here.

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