Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Blooms

Ahhh, I love spring.

I was puttering around in my garden yesterday and there were quite a few things that begged to be photographed... including my son who was all "take my picture, Mommy! How about now?" I blame myself, really. ;)

One of the bushes in my "dunno" garden has turned out to be a weigela. It is covered in pink buds and white blooms. They are stunning against the variegated leaves.

White Weigela
White Weigela

My rosebush is also covered in buds. By the looks of a few that are starting to open, they will be a hot pink. I hope they are as much of a treat to the nose as they will be to the eye.

Ahh... Anticipation.

My boys gave me three pots of fuchias for Mother's Day; two pink and one brilliant red. So far, I've managed not to kill them. I kept them indoors at night for most of May, simply because the weather has been so cool this year. I keep deadheading them and that is paying off as they are covered in buds.

Pink Fuchias
Pink Fuchias (or is that Fuschia Fuchias?)

A Breathtaking Red

Whilst I was checking things out, Quinn was amusing himself by finding pretty stones and the like. We had some bits of wood left over from the garden construction and he had been stacking them up like blocks in various spots in the yard. I put two "feet" down for him beside the new garden, he added a board, I added another board and he then basically told me to get lost as he was going to build something. When I turned around again, he was incorporating all his pretty rocks and finds in the yard into a marvelous innukshuk-esque sculpture. There was some consternation about the "head", but he was quite delighted when he found a concrete "grey hat" for his masterpiece at the side of the house. This is what he came up with:

Quinn's Creation
Quinn's Creation

Needless to say, both of us are quite proud of his work.

"I Made This!!"
"I made this!!"

It was a very productive morning, but alas we had to go in for lunch and naps. There are many more buds forming on my other plants; I look forward to discovering what each of them are. As a little garden update, I have sunflowers, carrots and lettuce that have sprouted!

Mmm... spring is just magic for the senses.

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