Monday, January 12, 2009

This Week's Poll

Ok, it's really catty.

I get it.

But it's true. The poll question space is too short to put all that I wanted in there, so allow me a little explanation....

I never expect help from anybody, nor do I consider myself to be the centre of the universe.

My brother in law's girlfriend is a different story however.

What has really gotten my back up as of late (and this is only the recent big stuff) is the following:

1) When we moved into the house, family and friends helped out where they could. Some with the physical stuff, others made lunch, offered support, made arrangements, that sort of thing. Thank you all and I love you for it. My sister in law did nothing other than be upset that the brother in law was helping us move and then called him all day to ask him when he was coming home to "do things around the house". We booked him a month in advance, BTW.

2) She cannot sell her house due to the "junk" in it. Some of the junk that she is referring to is my dear departed mother in law's dresser and beside tables. I have always loved those... they are Shaker, solid wood and I know how much she loved them. They are in the in-laws basement. B-i-L offered them to us when he found out we lacked dresser space and we jumped on the idea. The S-i-L knows that we do not have a van, yet refuses to let the B-i-L drive them over to our house in theirs. "It's not like we are selling them to them... this is not how that works" is exactly what she said. She would rather we rent a truck. I don't think I'm outta line here.

3) She arranged a family get together at my house without telling me. Yes. You heard me. As you well know, I've been off work since before Christmas as I am having a heart issue explored. Yet, because she "hasn't seen the house yet" she planned a get together here and was annoyed when Husband told her no.

4) She has repeatedly told anyone that is listening that she has not been to my house yet. I wonder why?

So, this is why the claws are out. I hate stupidity and stupid, self centred people. For the record, I have also tried to discuss this with her, but she was "busy watching a movie" and too busy to call me back when she was done.

Maybe I am a crazy biatch, but I'm pretty sure that all of you (statistically) can't be. So, vote in this weeks poll. Let me know what I should do...

Mee-f'n-oow, baby.

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