Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mystic Summer 2009

Just a quick entry here... have a few more things to update.

Two weekends ago saw our happy band trekking northeasterly to visit my parents. Summer had finally decided to show up, so it was very warm and sunny and perfect to be at the lake. There were quite a few lilies around; if you know anything about me by now, you'll know I can never refuse a water lily.

Watercolour Waterlily
Watercolour Waterlily... it had to be done, ok?

The dragonflies didn't let me down either, as I captured a blue widow skimmer on Mom's hydrangea bush and one of the little zippy red ones (I'm not sure what kind they are) on one of the tomato cages on the "upper" garden. For the record: Dad made those tomato cages out of rebar wire when I was in 5 or so. They are rusted hulks, but still going.

Blue Widow Skimmer
Blue Widow Skimmer

Red Dragonfly Macro
Red Dragonfly Macro

Quinn had a fantastic time splashing in his little wading pool. It's amazing how something as simple as a plastic squeeze bottle and a pail and shovel can keep a preschooler busy for hours. Just add water.

Exploring Fluid Dynamics
Exploring Fluid Dynamics

When he grew tired of that, he insisted we go in the lake. I'm glad he did. He and I had a great time splashing about and keeping cool. The water was warm and felt like silk. After lunch we went back in and my Mom joined us for an unprecedented dip.

More Mommy and Quinn
It's a big lake for Mommy and Quinn

Three Generations Swim
Mom joined us for a swim. Seriously... I don't think this has ever happened before.

Quinn was exhausted! After refusing a nap and spending a chunk of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon in or around the water, he did not have the energy to walk back to the house. Daddy was only happy to oblige.

Dad's Got it Covered
Got boy... got beer. Basics covered...

We had a fantastic day... topped off by an enormous paella. My Dad had picked up an enormous cast iron pan at a yard sale (it's almost the size of a stovetop) and has been itching to make one for a while. It was a mixed paella; it had shrimp, chicken, spicy sausage, loads of tomatoes, hunks of roasted garlic, peppers, bomba rice and spices grown in the garden. We were in hog heaven! After a day of swimming, we started out with wine and salty snacks (kalamata olives, crackers, cheese, pickled roasted peppers) and then feasted. I stopped after seconds, but I saw a few thirds go around. There was still enough left in that huge pan for Mom and Dad to have leftovers for dinner the next night and we brought home a container as well. It and the wine went down very well... Mmm.... I'm hungry just thinking about it.

After dinner, Sean and I had a little fire. The parents stayed up in the house with Quinn and we trundled down lakeside for my annual pyro fest. Seriously, it's a family joke at this point. I got some interesting shots while poor Sean nodded off. It had been a long day of beer consumption for him. Here are a few of my favourites.





It was a good visit. I hope to get back up there in September, but I'm not sure how feasable that will be with our new scheduling and whatnot. This may be our last Mystic Summer, so I hope we can make it possible.

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