Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallowe'en Hijinks, 2008

I know there is a lot that I need to catch up on here, but I could not resist a little hallowe'en update.

After a busy day of catching up on my phonecalls and cleaning like a madwoman, I made a quick "kid" dinner (KD and hotdogs) for the boys when they got home. We had plans to meet up with the Fearsome Foursome (AKA Skye, Erik and the twins) for a little Trick or Treat fun, so we had to hurry to get us all ready.

Quinn chose his own costume again this year. A week or so ago, we were at the SuperStore and had it narrowed down to three: a lion, a frog prince (Mommy's pick!) and a bat. After much discussion, he chose the bat. Since I have a penchant to wear horns and my usual all black, I thought he would make a lovely little minon. At the same time, we picked up a gore kit for Sean and a little half mask and "boney" gloves that he could wear at work. We were all set... we just had to put it all together in less than an hour.

Well, as you can guess, that didn't happen.

For those of you who ever think of getting one of those kits in the store, don't. They are crap. After mucking about with it for half an hour, I tore all the little lacerations and boils off of his face in disgust and started over. It took me less than 10 minutes and I had a pretty good looking freshly dead guy just by using the leftover adhesive on his face, toilet paper and the makeup in my bag (M.A.C. of course!). Trust me, I know dead. He wanted a bloody mouth and chin, and I have to say, I am not happy with that result at all. Next time, I'll get him to bite a pomegranate or somthing.

Zombie Dad
Zombie Daddy. Apparently looking for brains and the early 90's...

Once we got that sorted, it was time to dress our little bat. Mother Nature had been kind to us with warmer temperatures, yet we still had to put a sweater and track pants on under his costume. While I dashed off to finish up my face (I just did a my makeup a little more dramatic and arranged my horns in my hair), Sean took Quinn into his room to get him dressed. They were in there for quite some time and there was a lot of yelling off and on. I would find out later that Quinn needed two diaper changes in that time; one of which occured at the exact moment he was finished getting dressed. Of course.

All of that made us trying to leave the apartment at seven, 45 minutes after I had planned to leave. I was not impressed. However, we made it to our rendevous point and were pleasantly surprised. Actually, delighted would be a better way of describing it as we were overjoyed to find ourselves in Hallowe'en Town. Almost every house on the street had a display. There were skeletons, graveyards, ghosts, goblins, zombies, lightning, scary sounds... anything you could think of.

Hallowe'en Spooks
Some Spooky Sentinels

I remarked to Sean at the time that it was like when we were kids, but that is not correct either. It was better than that. Much better. We felt like kids again... and got to share the night with our child as we took him door to door on his first trick or treat night.

We met up with the Fearsome Foursome and their friends and the kids were estatic to see each other (they've been jonesing for some toddler fun for a bit now). They had a little visit with each other as the flow of kids continued around us. We chatted with their friends and marvelled at their glowing pumpkin display. It was quite a hit with the little folk.

The Toddler Sabbat
A Toddler Sabbat

We were only out for an hour or so, but Quinn was getting tired from all the walking and he couldn't quite manage to carry his treat bag any more. Since I didn't get a decent pic of him before we went out, I snapped a post-trick or treat photo of him in the garage.

Twick or Treeet!
A tired little bat. I swear, every house gave him double candy.

On the way home we stopped at the liquor store downtown because, after all, it was our anniversary (our 11th). It was during that trip that my attempts at zombie makeup were validated as Sean got two "Holy Fuck"s and a "What the....???" as he perused the wine selection. I thought it was pretty cool, especially in a part of town where crackheads and real life zombies are sadly a daily occurance.

We got home, tucked our little bat in and... promptly fell asleep on the couch. We both woke when the movie was over and went to bed laughing.

As Quinn would say, it was a "most lovely day". :D

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